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American Legion Programs/Services

The American Legion offers a variety of programs to turn the next generation of kids into the leaders of tomorrow. 

Boys State

Boys State was founded in 1935 by two legionnaires Hays Kennedy and Harold Card who organized the first Boys State in Springfield Illinois.

Boys State teaches students about city, county, and state governments along with legislative sessions, court proceedings, and well as law enforcement, all run by the students.

Each student that is selected by the post is a junior in high school. The next session is going to be held in Shippensburg at Shippensburg University  June 17-June 23 2018

Oratorical Contest

The Oratorical was developed to instill a better knowledge and appreciation of the Constitution. It was also developed to instill leadership qualities and the ability to speak and think clearly and to prepare for the duties, rights, privileges and responsibilities of American citizenship. 


A variety of services are also offered to help our veterans that are in need of assistance.

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